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It's always best to book ahead; if you leave it too late GCOB may not be able to accommodate your needs. 
However, whenever a booking is made, a booking slot is filled and this reduces our ability to accommodate other clients. In order to be fair to all our clients we operate a fair cancellation policy and charge reasonable cancellation fees in proportion to the notice given.

Fair cancellation policy:

You are only charged for the first visit in the cancellation period, not all the days cancelled in the week. Cancellation fees are structured as follows: 
  • less than 12 hours notice = full walking fee for that day
  • between 12 and 24 hours notice = 3/4 walking fee for that day
  • between 24 and 48 hours notice = 1/2 walking fee for that day
  • between 2 and 7 days notice = 1/4 walking fee for that day
  • 7 or more days notice = no fee

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